Hi, I’m Tracey.


I’m the founder of The Image Talks and currently based out of Dallas, Texas.

I grew up as the chubby kid with very low self esteem. I dieted for years and kept gaining weight, until I made a decision to change my lifestyle.

To my surprise, I came up with a system that transformed my life. I was 27 and after a lot research and trial and error, I created a proven system that helped 100% of my first group of ladies.

Although I never intended to do more than just to help my friends, I’ve had many women come to me asking what was the secret to my dramatic transformation. In the process of helping them reach their goals, I’ve realized that this is my way to contribute to the world.

I know that the only way to look amazing, be fit, and live a disease-free life is by immersing yourself in a lifestyle system that promotes health – physically, spiritually, and emotionally – which is exactly what my system does.

I want to help a select group of women who desperately want to reach their personal image goals. I know, because I was there not that long ago.


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